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Farming Agreements

If you are looking for a flexible approach from a partner that understands your needs and requirements, then look no further.  With over 35 years’ experience of working with landowners and businesses in the Gloucestershire area, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the best from your land.

Our policy is to work closely with farms to help them innovate and use progressive farming methods to maximise yields and profits.  It is very much a ‘hands on’ approach, aimed at utilising our state-of-the-art machinery, the latest technology and our expertise to your best advantage.

We have already made the investment in machinery and new sustainable techniques that will ultimately save you money and reduce your risk.

Above all we are flexible in our approach. At King Agriculture, we have a range of farming agreements.

Farm Business Tenancies  
At King Agriculture we can form an individual agreement with landowners, for their contribution of land often with an agreed measure of operating capital and management. Our role will be to contribute labour, capital and management subject to the agreement terms. This means we will form a share in the product, cash or in a combination of both. You can get the most out of your farmland without the worry or stress of the entire farm management.

Share Farming 
We will form a mutually beneficial agreement under share farming, to farm a certain area of land while we remain as two separate businesses. The agreement will outline what each party is responsible for putting in and entitled to take out. King Agriculture will work with you to determine exactly what this should be through a comprehensive assessment. Including the value of the assets and expertise from each party.

Contract Farming  
A contract farming agreement is a joint venture between us and you, whereby the landowner will provide the farm and buildings, while King Agriculture will contribute the labour and machinery. For works carried out there will be an agreed fee and the contract terms will determine the outcome of any surplus margin.   

Joint Ventures
These types of agreements are based on the sharing of resources. This could be land, machinery, or management expertise. You can benefit by reducing the level of capital investment. King Agriculture are open for joint ventures and can tailor agreements to suit individual farmers and landowners. 

Stubble to Stubble
Under this agreement we will provide all services from the initial establishment to eventual harvest, all at an agreed fixed rate per acre for the year.

Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help you make your land reap more profit. 


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Watch our little video of King Agricultural Contractors at work.

  • "King Agriculture have done most of the agricultural contract work on my farm for over 30 years. They always approach their work with a positive attitude. They are totally reliable, never let me down and we have an excellent working relationship."

    "Their machinery is spotlessly clean and up-to-date and their staff have always been cheery and helpful. They have readily adapted as I have thrown new challenges at them and they have rescued me when my machinery has broken down."

    "I do not hesitate to recommend this forward thinking agricultural contractor to anyone, small or large."

    Ian Boyd, Wildlife Awards Winner; FWAG, RSPB & GWCT. 
    Client of 26 years

  • "They do all my combining with a fantastic self-levelling machine that works wonders on my sloping fields! They also drill all of my crops and trim my hedges. Their workmanship is fantastic and I would recommend them to anybody, they are very prompt and come when they are needed – Philip always sticks to his promises." 

    John Platt

  • "I have used King Contracting for doing the wood chipping at Fir Farm and they have been great. They have always been on time, done a good job and have been happy to come at quite short notice." 

    Luke Wilson

  • "King Agriculture are friendly, helpful and efficient in their service to us. They are totally flexible, for example if weather is hindering work they will even come out on a Sunday to get the job done, I can not fault them at all." 

    Simon Viner

  • "I have used Jo for over 20 years and I think that alone says a lot about their service. I have been offered the same services from other companies but I won’t go anywhere else as Jo provides everything I need and they suit me down to the ground! I recommend them to many people."