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Regenerative Agriculture

We at King Agricultural Contractors are passionate about regenerative agriculture and the need to pursue a sustainable future through innovation.

There are three basic principles to regenerative and conservation agriculture:

Minimise soil disturbance

Keep the soil covered year round

Have a diverse rotation

The aim is to build soil carbon, improve soil structure and enhance soil life. At King Agriculture we have adopted methods of farming that will help protect our environment for years to come.

One example of how we are achieving this on our own farms is direct drilling, in conjunction with cover cropping and application of organic manures.

Over time we are building soil structure, increasing our soils fertility. Eventually reducing our weed burden and dependence on artificial fertilisers.

Our main objective is to improve the resources we use and ensure that farming remains sustainable. Adopting these innovative practices enable us to drastically improve soil health.

Soil health is incredibly important for producing healthy crops that nourish people and animals. This is crucial for the agricultural industry.

There are also huge benefits to the environment. Regenerative agricultural methods for grazing for example, can vastly reduce CO2 emissions and even reverse desertification.

If we can help you learn more about regenerative agriculture, in particular our direct drilling service and how it could benefit your farm, then we would love to hear from you.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced establishment costs
  • Reduced inputs over time
  • Increased soil health
  • Better carbon sequestration 
  • Better water management
  • Better for the environment 

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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Watch the video of our Mzuri strip tillage drill in action.

  • "King Agriculture have done most of the agricultural contract work on my farm for over 30 years. They always approach their work with a positive attitude. They are totally reliable, never let me down and we have an excellent working relationship."

    "Their machinery is spotlessly clean and up-to-date and their staff have always been cheery and helpful. They have readily adapted as I have thrown new challenges at them and they have rescued me when my machinery has broken down."

    "I do not hesitate to recommend this forward thinking agricultural contractor to anyone, small or large."

    Ian Boyd, Wildlife Awards Winner; FWAG, RSPB & GWCT. 
    Client of 26 years

  • "They do all my combining with a fantastic self-levelling machine that works wonders on my sloping fields! They also drill all of my crops and trim my hedges. Their workmanship is fantastic and I would recommend them to anybody, they are very prompt and come when they are needed – Philip always sticks to his promises." 

    John Platt

  • "I have used King Contracting for doing the wood chipping at Fir Farm and they have been great. They have always been on time, done a good job and have been happy to come at quite short notice." 

    Luke Wilson

  • "King Agriculture are friendly, helpful and efficient in their service to us. They are totally flexible, for example if weather is hindering work they will even come out on a Sunday to get the job done, I can not fault them at all." 

    Simon Viner

  • "I have used Jo for over 20 years and I think that alone says a lot about their service. I have been offered the same services from other companies but I won’t go anywhere else as Jo provides everything I need and they suit me down to the ground! I recommend them to many people."